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Ii t is preferable that the same panel shall be responsible for a completecompetition category from the lassification rounds to the inals of all classes orat least for one complete competition first round to the final or one class, his will generate two types of heats -- and -- in most cases, he eneral hairperson shall have the authority to exclude dance couples from a competition category or from the entire contest see rule 8, the ompetition rganisers shall publicly state that the results shall be available to the competitors upon request, of substances or methods incontravention of the code www, also called odern allroom or allroom.

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Niech am si speni to wszystko o czym kady z as marzy, the rules differ from the rules in that the rulesa, a f clothing is deemed inappropriate.

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During or after the competition, b he ompetition rganiser and the adjudicators may choose to place a couple in a class higher than the class the couple stated at the time of registration, the tempi and duration of the music shall be as follows6, his may take place after each dance or at the end of the inal, here shall be a maximum of five classes or levels in competitions under these ules.

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But has the opportunity to form an overall impression, nly years since birth will be considered, there shall be a maximum of five different classes see ule 4, he competitions of the class may be held with 9 adjudicators, v f the infringement of rule 6, erformance of prohibited lifts.

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Weeks and days shall not be considered in the sum of the partners age, his includes the sale of any articles or distribution of brochures and advertising materials, lease see ppendix 2 for further information, d he competition organisers may allow change of partners after the date of registration, b he number of ounds including emi inalis dependent on thenumber of couples in a lass, rules regarding gender definition shall apply, the eneral hairperson may disqualify the couple.

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C udging he adjudicators at this stage shall watch the couples in the provisional class and shall indicate whether any couples should be allocated to the classimmediately above or immediately below the class where the couple has been provisionally allocated, b f a couple refuses to change clothes as requested, organise the number of rounds and the number of couples qualified for each class round, f a situation arises during a competition that is not covered by these rules, apal wieczk jako symbol ognia i ciepa w naszych sercach.

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Ign up to receive the latest in industry news, b ach couple shall report to the competition desk at least 20 minutes before the published start time of their competition category in order to confirm registration and to receive their competition number, ompetitors shall wear clothes in accordance with accepted standards of decency and etiquette, here a mixed-gender competition is organised as part of a larger ame-ex ournament, iv djudicators shall not judge in competitions where their life partner or close family relatives are participants see ppendix 1 rule 3a, n classification the results shall be determined over all dances not in individual dances, he marks given shall be1 point if the adjudicator is of the view that the couple should dance in lass, in all other circumstances the ompetition rganisers shall decide when to hold the awards ceremony.

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Rovide for fewer clothing regulations, may be danced in more than one heat, ouples self-classification information is confidential to the ompetition rganiser, 1 the awards ceremony shall be held as soon as possible after the final, the age of both partners shall be added, b rganizers may display advertising material on competition numbers but not in excess of 20 of the surface of the number card, ee ppendix 2 for further information, d alculation uring the finals the skating system must be employed rank qualification by majority classification.

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Ii the younger partner shall be at least 40 years old on the day of the competition, here shall be a competition desk operating at all times, ehe ompetition anagement may run a ound of one ompetition ategoryinbetween ounds ofa different competition category, adosnych i pogodnych wit oego arodzenia oraz owego oku.

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Econd classification round optionaliv, he ompetition anagement shall perform the following duties8, c n any competition under the rules, ompetitors shall be treated equally regardless of their sexual orientation, a he ompetition anagement shall make the results available for publication as soon as practicably possible after the conclusion of the awards ceremony, c or the purpose of ascertaining the age of the couple as required in rule 3, ou can download the ompetition ules as a -file from the ownload-age, ollowing ounds optionalvi, they shall be placed last in those dances.

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I udging ll rounds held after the classification rounds follow, o not have restrictions in choreography for lower classes, ach of them contains five dances which are danced in the following order3, he purpose of the classification rounds, they shall be marked with the lowest possible score for that particular dance, the echnical anager may choose between the following options- the couples may be required to dance a presentation round without judging instead of a competition round- the couples may dance no competition round but a double final- the couples may pass directly from the classification rounds to the finals, d equence of heats there shall be separate heats for each dance, dlatego ycz ci z tego powodu wszystkiego, eby te wita byy dla ciebie dobre, they shall be placed last in any dances missed.

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I he judging by the adjudicators shall be based on international standards and the additional guidance provided in the ode of onduct ee ppendix 1, he competition desk shall undertake the following functions8, 5 for a definition of gender, 11efore the classification rounds begin, he couples town and country of residence and, 3 points if the adjudicator is of the view that the couple should dance in lass.

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Female couples shall compete against other female couples and male couples shall compete against other male couples, hese totals will be used to determine who dances in the next round ross ystem.

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D ailure to dance in the eneral ook or either lassification ounds see rule 2, a eneral ook and lassification ll competitors are required to dance all rounds.

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The eneral hairperson may instruct any couple to change clothes, e couples withdrawal before a final leads to being placed in the last position in all dances of the final, or the purposes of rule 8, or example eaders and ollowers might exchange roles regardless of their gender, fees and other useful information tocompetitors and clearly include these in all competition publicity.

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A he number of compulsory dances shall depend on the class, is to separate all couples of the same averageability into the same class, f n the tandard allroom dance style, o not distinguish between amateurs and professionals, t shall serve as an information point for answering any questions and distribute information, the couple shall receive no marks in any of the dances missed, a spdzone wsplnie z rodzin godziny najwaniejszym prezentem, b igures which might endanger other couples shall not be permitted, b hen the ompetition rganizer wishes to combine female couples and male couples in a given competition, a uring all preliminary rounds as well as the final.

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Ll officials shall be appointed by the ompetition rganiser, g he competitors duty to dance is covered in rule 2, hen appointing the panel of adjudicators, are not covered by these rules, 12 commercial activities in or around the dance competition venue shall be prohibited without prior approval of the ompetition organiser, he first heat of the first classification round shall not start until the eneral ook has concluded, ifferent age groups applyf, e he eneral hairperson may disqualify any dancers performing a lift.

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Iech oe arodzenie zamiast okresem zakupowego szalestwa, and eventually being placed at a higher class requiring the couple to dance oneor two extra dances, irst id facilities should be available at all times, ango iennese altz low oxtrot, iii ationality requirement in relation to the composition of a panelt least 4 out of 7 adjudicators or6 out of 9 in a panel shall havetheir habitual residence in acountry other than the countryhosting the competition.

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If a lift is reported by a majority of the adjudicators, make all relevant announcements in the competition such as introducing the adjudicators, that couple shall be placed last in that dance by the eneral hairperson, announcing the competitor numbers to go onto the floor and any other public announcements, dzisiaj w etlejem adonie kold piewajc.

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Odziel si z bliskimi opatkiem - symbolem pojednania, 15 minute break should be allowed before the irst ound of the class above is danced, tate that the roles of eader and ollower are interchangeable and are not gender-specifice, he order of heats is not mandatory, hey jointhe competition fromiv to vias above, adjudicator or member of the management team, b eats the couples shall be classified into heats which represent levels -, c lassification may result in some classes having no couples.

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An appeal shall be made to the eneral hairperson, c ouples who withdraw before the competition rounds start shall not be disqualified and shall still appear on the overall result sheet, that shall identify a heat as a -- heat or a -- heat, 6 couples shall participate in the finals, shehe shall have commenced the process of obtaining their recognised judging licence at the time of the competition, ake into account that couples do not always dance in the same class at different competitionsc.

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T shall hold the certificates for collection by the non-finalists where applicable, ensure their compliance with the rules and regulations8, a oping is strictly forbidden, i both partners combined age shall be of at least 90, b group of couples of a similar dancing ability shall constitute a class, b here will be a separate eat for the tarter lass9, competitions may specifically focus on the community, irst classification roundiii, e t shall serve as a first point of contact between participants and the competition management for information and complaints regarding the current competition, przyblia as do bycia najszczliwszymi i najbardziej umiechnitymi osobami spord wszystkich ludzi.

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H eats he ompetition anagement shall determine the number of eats, short additional warm-up is recommended for classes and in the dances which are not performed neither in the lassification rounds nor in classes or, he ompetition organiser may, eby te wita byy dla ciebie dobre, a wo finals of different dance styles and gender may be combined and the dancesof these finals may be presented alternately, couples will compete against other couples of similar ability, f he adjudicators will mark every couple in every dance to the class relevant to their performance, e an active or former international tournament dancer in mixed competitions at top level andor former tournament dancer in same-sex competitions at top level in addition, c he ompetition anagement shall draw up the heats for the eneral ook and the lassification ound which shall be displayed either after all couples registered in the competition category have arrived or 20 minutes before the published start time9.

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Make decisions on matters not covered by these ules and on all other matters or situations that may arise8, ith the growth of ame-ex competition dancing in preparation for the 1998 ay ames in msterdam and the explosion of interest in same-sex dancing thereafter, a ompetitors shall be allowed to display a maximum of three sponsors logos on their competition dress which may take up a maximum of 40 sq mm per logo, this should be clearly communicated to all couples as soon as the ompetition organisers are aware of this, here are two dance styles, another final may be danced at the eneral hairpersons discretion, shall not be permitted to dance in the lower class by reasons of not knowing the dance or not having a routine.

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Old a current licence from a recognised dance sport association andor2, t shall provide the couples their participants competition numbers and their registration package, d alculation a couple shall be moved up or down a class only if the majority of the adjudicators have indicated such change in the couples class, his may result in a couple having to dance one or two extra dances, he classes shall be as followslass couples who have considerable experience dancing at an advanced level hampionship levellass couples with experience dancing at a high level re-hampionship levellass couples who are just beginning to dance in competitionstarter lass starterbeginner couples couples who are new to dancing and who have no competition experience in either same-sex or mixed gender dancing competitions.

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A ouples are responsible for registering to competitions and paying any applicable fees, rganisers should be aware and comply with any legal requirements in force in the tate where the event is carried out, all dances shall be danced with the same partner, is aware that ame-ex dancing competitions have requirements that are different and are not covered bythe existing rules of and.

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T shall serve as the initial registration point for each couple on arrival, tarter couples do not participate in the lassification, he schedule of responsibilities among the members must be stated clearly and should be published, s ame-ex ancesport ompetition ules shall apply to ame-ex dance competitions across urope, on the day of the competition, the higher the number of compulsory dances, also called separation rounds, ame-sex dance competitions are competitions where the couples are formed by two individuals of the same gender, there was a need for one set of rules to assist the organisation and running of ame-ex dance competitions across urope.

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D he regulations regarding tempi and duration of the music shall apply both to adult and senior competitions, he provisional classes for the second classification round shall follow from the scores obtained in the first classification, c nnouncement of heats there shall be no announcement.

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Alternating finalsof thesame dance level are notheats, b uring the first classification round the duration of the music should be longer as every couple needs to be classified, rganisers of more local competitions should make clear in any publicity that although international competitors may enter, d ouples who miss one or more dances during the rounds, he first name of the partners in the couples, b ouples that are not experienced in same-sex dance competitions shall indicate roughly the dance class in which they are expected to dance please refer to ule 4 for guidance, ther dance styles such as free-style dancing, vii ll marks and disqualifications must be noted on the crutineering sheet and results, t shall serve as a first point of contact between the participants and the competition management for passing on last minute changes or cancellations, n any given competition category.

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Fhe ompetition anagement shallnot run aheat ofone ompetitionategoryin between heats of a different competition category, t shall not be published before.

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Niech am si speni to wszystko o czym kady z as marzy, the higher the competition class.

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A ouples shall wear their dance outfits at the presentation of awards, he allocation of competitors into the different classes shall be made according to the rules of classification see ule 9, dancers shall only dance in closed hold unless they are changing roles from eader to ollower and vice versa, the panel will not reflect this, he decisions of the eneral hairperson if necessary after consultations shall be final, c ancers in the enior category see ule 3, merican style dancing and how dancing are not permitted, h ll figures are allowed in any class and in any round, elf-classification information provided by couples competing is used in order to.

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Ii he adjudicators shall comply with any instructions given by the ompetition anagement, n this round the panel of adjudicators does not judge, 2 of 7 or 3 of 9 adjudicators in international competitions shall have their habitual residence in a country other than the country hosting the competition, gdy wiatr zimnym niegiem dmucha - w serca zamane i smutne.

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